South Africa

Wine Growing Areas in South Africa

The Cape winelands stretch from the rugged mountains and multi-directional slopes of the coastal region to the open plains of the Little Karoo where viticulture takes place mainly in the riverine valleys. South Africa’s vineyards are mostly situated in the Western Cape near the coast. Rainfall on the coastal side, where fynbos and renosterveld vegetation flourish, measures up to 1 000 mm per year. Travel over the mountains into the hinterland and the rainfall decreases dramatically with the vegetation dominated by hardy succulents, cycads and aloes.

rondebergWine Growing Areas in South Africa
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Road Tripping Through The RSA – South Africa Self Drive Safari

For the next twenty days, it was me, three of my closest friends and the open road. As a birthday gift, they had planned a safari through South Africa, from Cape Town to Namibia, behind the wheel of a luxurious Volkswagen minivan that we had rented.

AdminsaRoad Tripping Through The RSA – South Africa Self Drive Safari
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South Africa – The Jewel of Africa

No other country has been more central to the changing tides of modern history than South Africa since apartheid ended back in the early 90s. It now feels incredible that such a thing existed not so long ago, although it is true to say that it has not just been plain sailing since the formation of South Africa’s new republic, it is also fair to say that the country has shown a maturity and willingness to move forward, that has surpassed expectation. Much praise for this must of course go to Nelson Mandela, who even when he left office as president in 1999 has remained as a figurehead for positive and peaceful progress.

AdminsaSouth Africa – The Jewel of Africa
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South Africa Tours

It makes no difference if you are a tourist who is visiting South Africa, or a local explorer who is simply trying to explore all the gems that are across the great continent you can be sure of one thing that exploring South Africa tours can be an excitement that could simply leave you with a never forgetting experience. The one thing that you will need to order to make the most of your South Africa tours is a car hire in Africa. Exploring African safari by road on a local cabby can be much more than a simple South Africa tour as you can touch the history of Africa and South African culture.

AdminsaSouth Africa Tours
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